The story behind Ilze...


Ilze's have been singing since before she was born, according to her mother (who heard my cries even before the doctor could discern whether I was a boy or girl!) Sang at primary school, high school level in both school choirs and provincial choirs. Very often performing as solo artist. Studied Voice at university level and beyond under acclaimed pianist, diva and voice coach Lorraine du Toit.

Her aim is to take the audience on a journey to where tomorrow becomes reality and today is simply a stepping stone.

Weddings is her passion; the promise of 'forever' is best made through music.

Let me help you take the big step!

The Wedding singer will set the mood and create a festive atmosphere for any event or wedding. Ilze Thirion is a Classically trained artist with a Bachelors Degree in Music attained from the University of Pretoria. Trained in Opera, Operetta, Lieder, Musical and Light Classical genres.

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